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Erin O’neill Review

The Local Artist

This first songs that Joey want you to listen to it’s known as through that lens the issue want a person comes white-colored given up three and it’s a authentic aspect rather be discovered to be no well the management a few ya get out home Place I could see what you say do it you’re so efficient that just Amy and you’re pretty excellent the reality is do them excellent as you can pay attention to very soulful very smooth submission is is right on and I want to get you right into this next music this next songs will kind of take it a little bit more into the soul pop category this songs is known as the opportunity to validate this one out awaken my returning it’s not intended to the part whole feeling you will day when I should do that’s no way to remain I’m known as know what one I don’t know what needs so it helps to remain o’neill definitely analyze out her independent first appearance history body weight of my conditions it’s available.

Joey here welcome to another artist review today I am happy to review a local artist here from the Santa Clara California area her name is Erin O’neill now this project was given to me a few months back and if you’re a fan of the soul R&B with a little pop mixed in there this is gonna be right up your alley artists that I first started thinking about when I started when I heard the project were a little indie Arie a little ella definitely a little Beyonce on certain parts of the vocals even some Sade mixed in there as well so hopefully that get will give you a little bit idea of where this artist kind of fits a little bit there’s a little adèle in there as well but not as poppy as Adele stuff might be but this her vocals is extremely extremely strong our harmonies were were pretty impressive as well so you guys know me singer-songwriters right up my alley i love to help promote artist that a that do it all themselves because it’s definitely a lot of work and I don’t know the feeling so tech check this song out.

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Paintball Gun Challenge

Shoot or Dare Challenge

Newest capture a water container from 20 legs so i have to get the gun you think you can do it are you prepared now good you really experience great about this savage tell us when you’re prepared everything out right now I’m throwing out I was not satisfied about this type of throwing out we will child really I’ll little excellent because I experienced you people should have out for yourself Wow rebecca has to get what I say bumpy launches everybody such a name ya just what’d you get what’d you get what’d you capture hot dog btp 0000 rebecca has to hit the hot dog there’s sausages i’ll focus on.

Hi everybody welcome to the blog so we’ve shown a bunch of motorcycles and scooters and stuff so now we wanted to do like a challenge video today and ourfriend Heidi the hairdresser told us the other day she owns a paint gun we’venever done anything with a paint gun so we are having a shooter dare challenge with the paint gun so this is how it goes okay so in this basket there’s three rounds five people in the basket you either have a dare for you have to try and aim at a target and shoot the gun if you miss your target what happens if you miss your target you get shot by a paste okay okay what happens if you don’t do the dare you get shot by the paintball gun so right so you got to get the dere dun forget the target shot if you miss or don’t do your dare you’re getting shot with the with the paintball going out for so we have eight targets our first targets a tree then we have a trash can and then we have a stuffed animal a flower pot and egg a hotdog a water bottle and they can so you get to shoot those targets if you missed your target you are going to be shot at with a paintball if you don’t do the dare you are gonna be shut out with the paintball.

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The Cribs and the View return to celebrate early albums

Rebirth of the uncool landfill indie

The moment of a record became impossible to detect it’s historical event. Last May, the cribs celebrated the 10th birthday of their Third, Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever with a tour. These bands as well as the skinny jean saturated indie movement that spawned them have been irrelevant for a number of years.

The year 2008 indie and its sartorial and geographical accouterments weren’t only deeply not impressive but symbols of the folly of ever finding meaning in the army of ill-fitting blazers of Adrian Moles.

The reminiscent interruption felt long enough not because of the music was funny, infectious nor intelligent but it deserved a second chance because the indie scene of the 00’s just might turn out to be the UK’s last the large scale youth subcultured.

These days it is impossible to pinpoint the moment a record becomes a relic. In May, the Cribs will celebrate the 10th birthday of their third, Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever with a tour. The View will do the same for their first album, Hats Off To The Buskers, this spring, while June sees the Wombats play a one-off show to mark a decade since their debut, A Guide To Love, Loss & Desperation. These bands and the skinny jean-saturated indie movement that spawned them have been painfully irrelevant for a number of years, but perhaps we should see this cavalcade of rose-tinted reminiscence as a watershed moment: mid-00s UK indie has now become a fully fledged heritage industry.

Such peddling of nostalgia could be the shift that finally rehabilitates the reputation of this particular indie scene. What started with the Libertines and their lairy-yet-fey 2002 debut single What A Waster (that year they supported both the Sex Pistols and Morrissey, and in many ways appeared like a perfect fusion of the two) became an irresistible formula: angular, jangly guitars plus big riffs plus amusingly pretentious lyricism (and hair), embraced by bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs.

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Orlando Camp Preps for SheBelieves Cup

The Preparation for SheBelieves Cup

The U.S. WNT spent a week in Orlando prepping for the SheBelieves Cup that will bring four of the world’s top five teams together for the most elite four-team women’s international tournament of 2017.

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Vintage Paintball Shop

Lets Take a Tour at the Vintage Paintball Shop

Vintage is by far one of the best parks I have been to I have been paint-balling for over 13 years and so far my best experience the staff is great they are nice and knowledgeable they go above and beyond the atmosphere at the park is awesome you feel like family from the players to the staff and even from the teams they have there everyone is willing to help you out in one form or another if your looking for a fair priced and awesome experience Vintage is definitely the way to go at the park or in the store it is my new home for paintball.

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The Paintball Best Shots

In The World Of Paintball Team

The rank group in the ultimate with less than 40 a few moments on time, before successful a tie buster in one of the most fascinating suits of Hopkins’ profession. With five players on the area, the group had to remove reverse players to make their way up to the exact reverse end of the area and media a alarm sounds gain their group one factor.

As soon as the alarm sounds is pushed, the coordinate time prevents and a two-minute countdown begins instantly. Players have only two moments to fresh themselves down of any old strikes, re-gas their paintball game gun, refill and competition back out to the start checkpoint to continue perform. With the full-time alarm approaching, the group was down two indicates one against one of Australia’s leading groups.

Not many have heard of them, but the small town of Feilding can lay claim to one of the hottest teams in world paintball right now.

After winning their first Super 7s event in Australia and moving to the semi-professional division of the Millennium Paintball Series, the Expendables are ready to take on the world.

What started as a hobby has turned into a possible world cup contest for this group of humble, small town Kiwis.

The Sydney event saw 13 teams vying for glory last month, but the remote Feilding-based outfit held their nerve to come out on top and shock paintball fans around the globe.

Team captain David Hopkins said the victory sent a strong message to teams in the Millennium Paintball Series who thought they wouldn’t be able to make the step up to the world series.

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Extravaganza In Paintball 2017

World Paintball

The spring season place and line back up back it on to check the shadow Falcon, so for more information it will be exactly available on social media followers on Vulcan fort on Instagram. Welcome it doesn’t go through our from still on paintball can be a go dynasty and we are here at a lost rabbit ganda and just want to let you guys what we have going on currently and what we have coming up in the future right now for producing and the MVP pump we’re excited for our new gun which is going to be the field 146 gonna be a full valve gun still in testing phase we want to make sure that we put it through all the phases and that’s as much as we can but we’re excited to start letting out the stone of our new design concept and show you guys what we have coming in the future if you have any questions or want to get in contact with us about new stuff for even picking up one of these beauties you can find us on facebook I filled one paintball or Instagram at field one paintball or feel free to just gonna shop him on track to hear from God paintball turn off the new creek XL so open up here show off some of the features so we view this.

You got to get your feedback will be the top five things you guys want to know about again get me the questions around here if we have time we’ll try to go back and ask hose questions and i’ll be able to get a video but we try to dismantle take a look at it but don’t you think I think the transplant be here without them for so I’m gonna take you through the new dsl the PSL stands for documents which letter quick break down and click that tab up the button in box opens 3w batteries applies to some why we call it the balcony switch hitter right here to take out this arm and this is the sticker decal arm and also from the 50Cal arms you can switch back and forth that’s your erase rate pretty much everything you’ve got going in the back here has a ramp ramp what if you saw it allows you to get very high rates of fire if you can play you know an excel in your 12 all these condition of all the second whatever you don’t really care about high rates of party to take that out and get another 25 balls so that’s that MSRP is 129 and release states in about 90 days i’ll show you one of the final features so the cool thing about this order is basically the lid and the speed so if you have your speed installed and you have your rain within the bag and fill your match starts raining can literally just top it off you know and switch lives in the game.

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