Buy Emulin The World’s Only Patented Carbohydrate Manager

One of the fastest growing diseases in the world is type II diabetes. The cause of this upsurge is clear, Sugar. Today the average American consumes 180 pounds of sugar per person per year, contrast that to the year 1900 when the average American consumed 18 pounds of sugar per person per year. That’s an alarming increase of 10-fold. The human body is not capable of dealing with that much sugar. Excess sugar is the prime cause of type II diabetes. Sugar consumption is also linked to low-grade inflammation and the increased rates of cancer.

The obvious solution is to eat less foods containing sugar. That may be a challenge, as sugar is in virtually everything that we eat. Thirty years ago, the food industry was forced by the Government to remove fat from processed food. When the food industry complied, they replaced the fat with sugar, usually fructose. Fructose is a highly processed form of sugar that is poisonous.

Dr. Joseph Ahrens the inventor of Emulin, discovered that people that consumed a large amount of fruit and low amounts of foods containing added sugars rarely became diabetic. That led him to believe that there must be something present within fruit that protects the body from the damage that usually occurs when someone consumes foods containing sugar and/or carbohydrates. That thought led him on a journey of discovery that lasted 10 years. He formulated a product that contained the protective substances that naturally occur in fruit. He called his newly invented natural supplement, Emulin.

Emulin is basically the concentration of the protective elements found in fruit. It comes in the form of an easy to take capsule. When taken daily, Emulin helps the body allocate sugar where it’s needed and in a harmonious, natural way chaperones the surplus sugars out of the body through natural elimination.

Dr. Ahrens commissioned a double blind, peer reviewed clinical study to prove the effectiveness of Emulin. The study used a control group and Emulin was tested against the leading pharmaceutical drug for treating type II diabetes, Metformin. The conclusion of the clinical study is that Emulin, when taken alone, surpassed the leading pharmaceutical Metformin and when Emulin was taken with Metformin the result was a significant improvement in Metformin’s effectiveness. Emulin is a breakthrough in the battle against type II diabetes.

You may be thinking “I’m not diabetic why should I consider buying Emulin”? People that buy Emulin report many health benefits and the majority that use Emulin daily are not diabetic. People buying Emulin report that they experience less aches and pains, they sleep better and in many cases weight loss is also reported.

Emulin does not treat or cure disease. What it can do is lower or eliminate low grade inflammation. Low grade inflammation is always present where disease is present. If there’s no inflammation there is no disease, it’s that simple. People buy Emulin to help the body safely deal with the adverse side effects of sugar and carbohydrates. The alternative benefit they get is that they lower or eliminate low grade inflammation and in so doing, they help the body to improve its immune system response.

The choice to buy Emulin should be automatic when you know the benefits it delivers to you and your family. Emulin is an essential supplement, buying Emulin is a must. To not buy Emulin is to put your family at risk. The damage that consuming sugars and carbohydrates cause is cumulative. Emulin protects the body from the damages caused by sugar and carbohydrates. To not buy Emulin is like not wearing sunscreen. You can go out in the sun without suntan lotion and you won’t get cancer the next day. However, if you continuously expose your skin for years without the protection of sunscreen your chances of contracting skin cancer go up exponentially. When you buy Emulin and take Emulin daily, the same rule applies. Buying and using Emulin protects the body from the accumulative, adverse health effects that an overabundance of sugars and carbohydrates cause.


To conclude, buying Emulin and providing Emulin for each member of your family is a must. If you think that you and your family don’t ingest an excess amount of sugar, I suggest that you do the following test. Sugar and carbohydrate consumption should not exceed 20 grams per day, per person. Over a given week look at the food labels. Determine how many carbohydrates and sugar each family member consumes. If it exceeds 20, the decision to buy Emulin is obvious. To not buy Emulin is to put your family’s health at risk.

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