Erin O’neill Review

The Local Artist

This first songs that Joey want you to listen to it’s known as through that lens the issue want a person comes white-colored given up three and it’s a authentic aspect rather be discovered to be no well the management a few ya get out home Place I could see what you say do it you’re so efficient that just Amy and you’re pretty excellent the reality is do them excellent as you can pay attention to very soulful very smooth submission is is right on and I want to get you right into this next music this next songs will kind of take it a little bit more into the soul pop category this songs is known as the opportunity to validate this one out awaken my returning it’s not intended to the part whole feeling you will day when I should do that’s no way to remain I’m known as know what one I don’t know what needs so it helps to remain o’neill definitely analyze out her independent first appearance history body weight of my conditions it’s available.

Joey here welcome to another artist review today I am happy to review a local artist here from the Santa Clara California area her name is Erin O’neill now this project was given to me a few months back and if you’re a fan of the soul R&B with a little pop mixed in there this is gonna be right up your alley artists that I first started thinking about when I started when I heard the project were a little indie Arie a little ella definitely a little Beyonce on certain parts of the vocals even some Sade mixed in there as well so hopefully that get will give you a little bit idea of where this artist kind of fits a little bit there’s a little adèle in there as well but not as poppy as Adele stuff might be but this her vocals is extremely extremely strong our harmonies were were pretty impressive as well so you guys know me singer-songwriters right up my alley i love to help promote artist that a that do it all themselves because it’s definitely a lot of work and I don’t know the feeling so tech check this song out.

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