Paintball Gun Challenge

Shoot or Dare Challenge

Newest capture a water container from 20 legs so i have to get the gun you think you can do it are you prepared now good you really experience great about this savage tell us when you’re prepared everything out right now I’m throwing out I was not satisfied about this type of throwing out we will child really I’ll little excellent because I experienced you people should have out for yourself Wow rebecca has to get what I say bumpy launches everybody such a name ya just what’d you get what’d you get what’d you capture hot dog btp 0000 rebecca has to hit the hot dog there’s sausages i’ll focus on.

Hi everybody welcome to the blog so we’ve shown a bunch of motorcycles and scooters and stuff so now we wanted to do like a challenge video today and ourfriend Heidi the hairdresser told us the other day she owns a paint gun we’venever done anything with a paint gun so we are having a shooter dare challenge with the paint gun so this is how it goes okay so in this basket there’s three rounds five people in the basket you either have a dare for you have to try and aim at a target and shoot the gun if you miss your target what happens if you miss your target you get shot by a paste okay okay what happens if you don’t do the dare you get shot by the paintball gun so right so you got to get the dere dun forget the target shot if you miss or don’t do your dare you’re getting shot with the with the paintball going out for so we have eight targets our first targets a tree then we have a trash can and then we have a stuffed animal a flower pot and egg a hotdog a water bottle and they can so you get to shoot those targets if you missed your target you are going to be shot at with a paintball if you don’t do the dare you are gonna be shut out with the paintball.

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