Extravaganza In Paintball 2017

World Paintball

The spring season place and line back up back it on to check the shadow Falcon, so for more information it will be exactly available on social media followers on Vulcan fort on Instagram. Welcome it doesn’t go through our from still on paintball can be a go dynasty and we are here at a lost rabbit ganda and just want to let you guys what we have going on currently and what we have coming up in the future right now for producing and the MVP pump we’re excited for our new gun which is going to be the field 146 gonna be a full valve gun still in testing phase we want to make sure that we put it through all the phases and that’s as much as we can but we’re excited to start letting out the stone of our new design concept and show you guys what we have coming in the future if you have any questions or want to get in contact with us about new stuff for even picking up one of these beauties you can find us on facebook I filled one paintball or Instagram at field one paintball or feel free to just gonna shop him on track to hear from God paintball turn off the new creek XL so open up here show off some of the features so we view this.

You got to get your feedback will be the top five things you guys want to know about again get me the questions around here if we have time we’ll try to go back and ask hose questions and i’ll be able to get a video but we try to dismantle take a look at it but don’t you think I think the transplant be here without them for so I’m gonna take you through the new dsl the PSL stands for documents which letter quick break down and click that tab up the button in box opens 3w batteries applies to some why we call it the balcony switch hitter right here to take out this arm and this is the sticker decal arm and also from the 50Cal arms you can switch back and forth that’s your erase rate pretty much everything you’ve got going in the back here has a ramp ramp what if you saw it allows you to get very high rates of fire if you can play you know an excel in your 12 all these condition of all the second whatever you don’t really care about high rates of party to take that out and get another 25 balls so that’s that MSRP is 129 and release states in about 90 days i’ll show you one of the final features so the cool thing about this order is basically the lid and the speed so if you have your speed installed and you have your rain within the bag and fill your match starts raining can literally just top it off you know and switch lives in the game.

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