Paintball Gun Shoot People

Two Moses Lake Teenagers Are Accused Of Shooting

There are two teenagers murdered in Houses in Mosses Lake because of their Laziness in paintball gun, they really ruined the day of that Tuesday afternoon. But Moses Lake police arrested for taking a motor vehicle without a permission a two 16-year old boys.

Allegedly shot paintball. They reported because of their assault and malicious mischief. Many cases like this got in Moses Lake police, so they are very immune about the cases though, they really vigilant all of those cases.

Moses Lake police arrested two 16-year-old boys for assault and malicious mischief. One teenager was also arrested for taking a motor vehicle without permission.

The two allegedly shot paintballs from a family member’s SUV at residences on West Oregon Street and South Division Street. One person was reportedly hit with a paintball on East Hill Avenue and another on West Chuckie Lane, according to Moses Lake police on Wednesday.

Officers located the suspect’s Isuzu Trooper in the 700 block of South Clover Drive and reportedly found a paintball gun and paintballs.

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