Soccer Secures Billy Love’s Place At Point

Billy Love Officially Signing a Soccer Scholarship

It’s the family first attitude that triggered Love to pick Point over educational institutions such as Mercer and Northern Atlanta – the latter was, for a long period, on the top of Love’s record. Each college trainer would be allocated a gamer to darkness and notice. It was the Younger Harris coach’s talk opinions of Really like that persuaded him to pin his hearing back and go constantly after his desire.

In reality, that’s the reason why you’ll see Love’s name detailed as a kicker for the Eastside soccer group. And an excellent one he was. He created all-county and all-region as a mature and quite probably could’ve created excellent higher education residing at software in search of a powerful footie place kicker.

There was a time when Billy Love didn’t think signing day would come for him – at least not in soccer.

So when the Eastside senior inked a letter of intent with Point University this past Tuesday, there was no reason to question why Love was all smiles.

“I’ve come a long way in the past four years as a player,” Love said.

He said it while reminiscing about how he got started on this soccer journey.

“Coach (Champ) Young brought me in as an eighth grader, and they taught me more of the technical side of the game,” Love said. “I started soccer older than most people will start a sport, and they taught me about the game, but also they taught me, family, first, and how to build your relationships with your teammates.”

For Point, to nab, the services of the 6-foot centre-back was a bit of an upset as far as soccer recruiting goes, given that North Georgia was where Love’s father matriculated.

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