Egypt’s Soccer Violence

Soccer Top Court Upholds 10 Death Sentences

The groups are long-time competitors. Witnesses said the rioting split out after Cairo lovers unfurled banner ads disparaging the regional group, which had won the coordinate 3-1.Since then the red sea has controlled the number of individuals able to go suits and followers have often tried to surprise areas they are prohibited from coming into.

Most of the accidents choked when the group stampeded after cops used tear gas to clear the lovers trying to power their way into a group coordinate between two Cairo groups, Zamalek and Enppi, physicians and witnesses said.

Egypt’s top court upheld death sentences for 10 men on Monday for their part in Egypt’s worst violence at a soccer stadium, in which more than 70 fans were killed in February 2012.

Many of the dead were crushed when panicked fans tried to escape from the Port Said stadium after a post-match pitch invasion by supporters of the local side al-Masry. Others fell or were thrown from terraces, witnesses said at the time.

The verdict from the Court of Cassation, which also upheld a lower court’s sentencing of 10 men to 15 years in jail, 14 men to 10 years, and 15 men to five years, is final and cannot be appealed. The charges included murder and attempted murder.

Among those who received a five-year sentence was the former Port Said police chief.

Soccer matches are often a flashpoint for violence in Egypt. The teams in the Port Said incident – al-Masry and Cairo’s al-Ahli – are longtime rivals. Witnesses said the rioting broke out after Cairo fans unfurled banners insulting the local team, which had won the match 3-1.

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