Hurricane Paintball keep it popular

Let’s keep the Paintball Popular

Paintball is an extreme sport that requires players to be active, use endurance, strategy and most importantly, teamwork. There are a variety of scenarios and field setting to play on making paintball a very diverse game for all ages.

Still a young sport, paintball continues to thrive all across the country. Paintball is a sport where friendship is made, fun is had, and the players can push themselves to their limit.

The sound of paintballs splattering across wooden bunkers echo across the field.

Spectators watch participants play behind the cover of a 20-foot high net that surrounds the field.

The pastime of paintball has made a steady increase in popularity in the past few years since a massive decline in early 2000s.

Developed in the 1980s, paintball has improved its game play drastically. The paintball markers have evolved from single shot paint guns used by farmers to mark cattle to the current electronic trigger carbon fiber markers that fire much faster.

The masks have improved with better visibility, improved facial coverage and lighter weight with fog resistant lenses.

Hurricane Paintball Park is a popular spot for enthusiasts in Brevard.

“Here at Hurricane, paintball has flourished because we constantly have the field maintained, a great reffing staff, and it’s a family-oriented park,” said Dan Velez, paintball player and employee at Hurricane Paintball Park.

Unlike conventional competitions like basketball, tennis or baseball, paintball has a wide range of options: scenarios, objectives, types of gear and locations.

With 15 acres inside the nets, Hurricane is a large field consisting of smaller connected fields. It is one of the few paintball parks in Florida to have such a diverse setting. The park has an open field with bunkers, woods, a speedball field, a small speedball style rec field, and the newly built hyperball field.

“We definitely make sure the field is nice and clean, the bunkers are fixed, and our staff is on point in making sure people are safe,” said Kelly Velez, employee and paintball player at Hurricane.

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