How Does Tippmann Paintball are made of?

How do they create Paintball Tipmann?

Look up words like “durable” “reliable” or “rugged” in the paintball dictionary and you’ll simply find the Tippmann logo. Since 1986 Tippmann has produced the most reliable and trustworthy paintball markers in the world, from its earliest innovative creations like the fully-automatic, stripper clip-fed SMG-60 and durable semi-auto 68 Special to more current offerings like the 98 Custom Platinum, A5, X7 Phenom, Crossover, FT-12 and TiPX pistol seen around the paintball world today. In this exclusive video release, Tippmann opens the doors to their Fort Wayne, Indiana facility, allowing players a unique and amazing opportunity to learn just how the workhorses of the game and industry are forged, assembled and rigorously tested right here in the United States!

Paintball Elite would like to thank and gisportz CLICK HERE for the full video

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