Indie Artist, Really Need A Record Label

The Indie Artist 2014

If you’re serious about your songs and you want to be branded and you want to get globe energy expenses say you’re getting say you’re getting performed on the TV or say you’re getting performed on selling songs getting used on individuals weblogs or earning money in a cafe also you just get a lot in different locations do you then need a list brand to guard your privileges to guard your loyalties to ensure that globe is arriving in just to recognize the proven reality that the perform you’re creating and generating is your perform my own feeling of that would be yes you do for example I am finalized to history brand for my own songs and I’ve had lots of individuals would have described the proven reality that I’m on a listed brand they say well how did you get finalized to a list brand how did you get on a list brand it’s quite simple I am the history brand I’ve set up my own brand which is not hard to do anybody can do it all you have to do really to set up a listed brand is come up with a name logo which I’ve done so my history brand name is flower sequence information and I have a logo for it.


This is George here and today I’m going to be addressing a common question among the India under the radar musicians out there and that is in the present day do you need a record label well my take on this is yes and no so how can it be yes and no mask well let’s consider this do you need a record label in order to record and distribute your music no absolutely not I mean just consider this stuff behind me my recording setup and probably cost me oh god about 500 to 550 quid over the course of two years and I get really good results I’m really happy with the results I get for my setup 550 quit will probably get you two days in a professional studio probably less than 12 hours and stuff behind me I can use for 10 years and in my opinion I can get nearly equally good results depending on who you’re producing with or who you’re recording with or how you record it now so 40 years ago 30 40 years ago the only way you could record anything that was even up to possible standard was through recording it’s a professional studio funded by a record label but today you know  probably say that I’d probably go as far as to say that my generation is the first generation to actually grow up with pristine audio equipment you know we’ve got really for 200 quid even I know loads of people who and have just got a laptop and interface and microphone and just do like guitar vocal stuff and they get very good results.

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