Fight for the Equality for the Soccer

Fight for the Equality Pay not just about Soccer

Majority of the players in the past were at war over the equal compensation but have a limited leadership that would lead their way. U.S. soccer attorneys have a lot in terms of financial in which employed us therefore a hindrance to the situation to go beyond or feared enough to take a fight.

In this battle when power was the topic people won’t give it away in that way players accepted a decent salary and a good living in America but nonetheless compared to the men’s team.

Now the Federation President Sunil Gulati and U.S. Soccer gave pressure on their players.

The collective bargaining agreement between the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and U.S. Soccer expires on December 31. The players have been petitioning for pay equal to what U.S. Soccer pays the Men’s National Soccer Team. Former national team goalkeeper and World Cup and Olympic champion Hope Solo shared with GOOD her thoughts on the continuing battle for equity as the deadline nears. The following are her words, as told to Jon Baum:

I’ve been passionate about the fight for equal pay for a long time, and whether or not I’m on the national team has no bearing on that. It’s something I pushed for during my close to 20 years on the team, before we even filed the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim. I won’t be sidelined because I’ve been fired. I still have an EEOC claim filed and it’s something that I intend to go full-force forward with.

Over the years on the national team, my eyes were opened to the inequities between men and women-and not just within soccer-around salary, media coverage, endorsement dollars, and marketing dollars. Equal pay isn’t just a women’s rights issue, it’s a human rights issue

Many players in the past have tried to fight for equal pay, but we didn’t have leadership that would take us all the way, that wasn’t fearful in going up against the federation. U.S. soccer has great attorneys, they have a lot of money, and they were our employer, so we were fearful to take this fight as far as it needed to go. Players became accepting of making a decent salary. And when I say decent, I mean it’s a good living here in America, but it in no way compares to our counterparts on the men’s team.

This is a battle, this is a fight, and when you’re talking about power, people don’t just give that away. You have to fight for it. And I think it’s what has held many movements back, held many revolutions back. People don’t want to lose what they already have, whether it’s their jobs, the comfortable lifestyle that they have-people are scared to go all the way in.

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