Toughest Hockey League in Canada’s

Drop The Gloves: Toughest Hockey League

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CKK insecure excision of the sidewalk you psycho so sure about that one puzzle I don’t think they like the fact that the border it themselves in the face and there’s gonna be blood and this and that I think it’s more the reason for the five no I think people like the site that we defend each other and we fight for our jersey the one for years the L&H was known across north America is the toughest hockey league in the world it scoop that many controversial in each other like Donald Brashear in Francis Lessard and created a brand defined by finding but the league is had to change its ways just as the NHL did head shots should fighting the band and players lost respect for each other and for the integrity of the game.

we want to preserve the essential elements of our game including its physical nature we’re not looking to fundamentally change our game we’re looking to make it head injuries fighting in the NHL is decreased by nearly fifty percent over the last five years changes are also trickling down to smaller leads like the LED age which is being pressured to gradually reduce fighting from the game then I’m of enforcers was cut in half players are now limited to two fights per game and unwarranted violence finds have been increased to a maximum of ten thousand dollars even still over 250,000 tickets are sold each year and spectators continue to come out hoping to see their favorite enforcer take his gloves off whenever you hear them fighting or whenever there are some scrubs going on you can hear the fans think they’re going to freeze the world fun dish pan scary ride on its not with long its citizens during L&H playoffs vice follow the level predators a team infamous for its rough plays and nasty lineups as it tries to adapt to a new brand of hockey.

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