The Hockey Game In Hague, Sask

Game In Raucous Likely Retiring

It is about from players, trainers and the lovers aren’t new or unusual when it comes to officiating an activity but for Schwebius and another umpire Kyle Chudyk, a range had to be attracted.  The refs called a bantam game between the Royal prince Jordan Tornados and the Hague Royalty in Hague, Sask. during the third interval.

The experience had been getting rowdy at the end of the second interval. Misconducts and ejections were passed out to a gamer and trainer. The RCMP was known as during the altercation. When the activity started again, it was known as of a moment into the third interval due to improving heckling and protection issues from the referees.


Michael Schwebius, a former hockey player and referee of 10 years, has heard it all during his time wearing the stripes.

“I’ve been spit on. I’ve had a coach take a swing at me. I’ve had people tell me to go kill myself,” Schwebius said.

Abuse from players, coaches and the fans isn’t new or uncommon when it comes to officiating a hockey game but for Schwebius and fellow referee Kyle Chudyk, a line had to be drawn.

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That line came on Jan. 26. The refs called off a bantam game between the Prince Albert Hurricanes and the Hague Royals in Hague, Sask. during the third period.

The game had been getting rowdy at the end of the second period. Misconducts and ejections were handed out to a player and coach. The RCMP was called during the altercation. When the game resumed, it was called off a minute into the third period due to increasing heckling and safety concerns from the referees.

Threats made quite often

The abuse is not out of the ordinary, says Kim Dorsch, a professor of sports psychology at the University of Regina. The actual stoppage is out of the ordinary, however.

She thinks because coaches and parents are heavily invested in the game, it contributes to raised emotions. Parents tend to view their children as angels and opposing players and referees as villains, she said.

“They’re a perfect scapegoat for both sides of the puck, in this case,” she said of officials.

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Dorsch said she has conducted a study of lower-tier hockey leagues, even at atom and peewee levels, where she has seen adult spectators and coaches make physical threats to referees who are often young kids themselves.

The study showed 30 per cent of officials had experienced such an instance at least once per season.

“The actions of the SHA were a little disconcerting as well,” Dorsch said.


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