The Positions and Movements

Soccer Basics – Movements and Positions

All are good players no matter what their position and they look around constantly watching the same clip again but this time they put a little head tracker on and so the players can see where their eyes go and notice how often looks around every few seconds and peeks over shoulder to see what’s around them the only time goes down is when they get the ball and their feet already checked the area and know exactly where they open and give another example, the player looking around and finding a good spot to get a pass and spots the defender coming right there and realize to get rid of the ball by touching the ball back right away and move to another spot to get open again the last point wanted to make on this is to make sure you’re standing between the defenders so it’s easy for you to get the ball doesn’t matter how big a space you’re standing and if there’s a defender between you and that ball, so you’re not going to get an e-pass see how these players stay between the defenders to make it easy to get a pass when the ball moves the players move to and they stay between the defenders as much as possible that creates a nice big window that’s easy to pass the ball through.

I’ve been working on this video to help you out with some stuff on the field now it’s that you could learn just about anything on youtube but I I looked everywhere and couldn’t find much on things we’ve been trying to teach you like positioning and moving when you don’t have the ball so I found some old record soccer games and added some commentary and some pointers to help explain some of this stuff now this was something that really helped me when I was younger so hopefully, you get something out of it too and even if you don’t at least you’ll know what the coaches are talking about when we point these things out on the field ok so when we get this started now positioning is a really broad topic so we’re just going to focus on some of the more important concepts for now the first key concept is playing in space in this first clip keep your eye on the player with the red marker watch how he moves with the play and settles into space he sees a nice little pocket right there and just moves into it slides over with the play and find another pocket of space right there gets the ball back it’s a nice pass into the box now he doesn’t get a goal but he does draw a foul which isn’t too bad now to find space you have to look forward

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