Indie Pop Music Is Innovative

The modern Vampires of the city.

Vampire Weekend’s fondness for indie rock’s jangly guitar and the world beat of international influence have been fleshed out to include some electronica, a bit of balladry, and well executed songcraft that results in a supremely enjoyable listening experience.

They had already started to feel the buzz and were being touted by influential music Web sites.

How they handled of instant success and how having wordly visions keeps them inspired.

In order to keep with their songs, the Vampire Weekend that Clash meets in London is a is a reverse bunch; originally arranged and impassable, scratch below the surface and, as they come out their shells, they become lively, vivacious and eager to please. Frontman Ezra Koenig keeps constant eye contact, and is considered and erudite in his answers. To his right, smiling throughout, sits multi-instrumentalist Rostam Batmanglij, while on the couch opposite are the two Chrises – drummer Chris Tomson and bassist Chris Baio, quieter than the other two, but just as significant.

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