Staged mascot fight offends some on social media, prompting apology

The Minnesota Wild mascot, Nordy, helps a child work on a word find within a post office occasion in 2013. & nbsp;(Minnesota National Guard)

That isn’t your typical ice hockey fight.

What was likely to be a straightforward mock brawl between ice hockey mascots on Thursday turned right into a bruising public relations defeating for the Minnesota Wild, that has been made to apologize following some social media users violated.

The event started innocently enough when a number of mascots assembled on the ice to observe Wild mascot Nordys birthday, The Independent reported. The wild creature no one is aware of which kind of creature he’s set up to reach a piñata and was. But rather, Nordy whacked Chicago Blackhawks mascot Tommy Hawk, who’d shoved cake in Nordys face before (yes, this proved to be a very complex action).

But Chicago Tribune reporter Chris Kuc wrote the mascots satirical walloping took a dark turn when Nordy continued thrashing Tommy Hawk in the behest of the Wilds announcer.

Eventually, Devils mascot NJ Devil stepped in and stopped the mock defeating and off the ice swept up an apparently unconscious or maybe dead Tommy Hawk together with assistance from some other mascot, Kuc wrote about the clearly playacted pounding. (Tommy Hawk survived the episode.)


Kuc continued: I was happy in the stands with my young son being forced to explain his favourite mascot was only seemingly beaten using a baseball bat, I wasnt.

While some Twitter users valued the humor of the mascot fracas, others responded as Kuc did, prompting an apology, in the urging of the NHL, Kuc reported to be issued by the Outrageous.

We apologize to anyone the Wild said in a statement. It was definitely not our purpose.

Not everything went amiss for the Wild on Thursday they defeat against the Canadiens, 7-1.

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