Encouraging by the women’s soccer league progress

Former players will encourage the women’s soccer league

There was a small fraction of fans the following year when the HWSA brought Atlanta and Quill’s San Diego team back to Rice. It took more than a decade for women’s pro soccer to return to Houston. Now it has come so far that the league decided to hold its biggest event here.

Every year, they are adding on to TV packages and radio and the internet, They’re not just going for the home run in year one. (WUSA) went all out and ended up blowing the budget. The NWSL is doing it in a smart way for the league to sustain itself.

As the girls soccer coach at St. John’s School, Susan Quill likes nothing more than to practice with her players. It serves as a reminder of what might have been had she stuck with her own playing career.

Growing up in Houston, Quill was one of the nation’s top players. She earned 10 caps with the United States women’s team and scored three goals from 1998-2000.

She was the only high school player in the U.S. national team camp before the 1998 World Cup, which the U.S. won with Mia Hamm, Kristine Lilly and Michelle Akers leading the way.

Quill was selected by the San Diego Spirit in the 2003 Women’s United Soccer Association draft and had hopes of playing professionally for years to come.

Her career lasted only one season. The league folded at the end of 2003. Instead of trying to play overseas, Quill returned to North Carolina and attained her degree.

Third time a charm?

Shortly after that, she became an assistant women’s coach at the University of Houston.

“I regret that the league wasn’t around longer,” Quill said this week. “I regret I stopped playing so early. Like I tell every one, your playing window is small. You should play as long as you can.”

WUSA was the first pro women’s league in the country but not the only one to fold. Women’s Professional Soccer met the same fate after three years.

Thanks to the creation of the National Women’s Soccer League, it appears the third time might be the charm.

This week, Houston hosts the NWSL championship game, which will feature the Washington Spirit and Western New York Flash on Sunday at BBVA Compass Stadium. The NWSL is in its fourth season and appears to have enough footing to stick around. That means girls who grow up playing soccer in the U.S. have a more realistic hope of becoming professional players.

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