UEFA frets over rise of ‘global super clubs’

(CNN)A select number of European soccer teams have morphed into “world-wide super clubs” thanks in part for their capability to cash in on enormous world-wide assistant bases which can be obtained through social networking, in accordance with another report in the continent’s governing body UEFA.

While this may be great news for bean counters at teams like Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Paris Saint Germain, UEFA’s Team Licensing Benchmarking Report warns the growing fiscal difference will present among the greatest challenges to soccer on the continent.

    The report also says that soccer remains as popular as ever in Europe, while monetary fair play (FFP) rules have helped reduce club debt enabling more of these to report operating profits.
    But it is the growing fiscal difference that may raise stresses about competitiveness in continental and national competitors.
    In recent years these international super clubs – others contain Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool – have taken advantage of the international profile as well as the growth of new digital platforms to section and share commercial and sponsorship partnerships into an even bigger amount of prices.

    This, the report states, “is empowering those ‘international super clubs’ to monetize their tremendous assistant bases, which expand across the world and that may be obtained much better through social media than was ever possible through conventional advertising before.”
    The report adds: “These assistant bases are growing inexorably, powered by star players, international tours and routine involvement.”

    Fiscal muscle

    Overall, the top 15 clubs in Europe have added 1.5 billion Euros ($1.6 billion) in sponsorship and commercial sales since 2009. That compares to less than 500 million Euros ($532 million) for the remaining 700 clubs within the report.
    While monetary muscle isn’t a promise of succeeding, as demonstrated by Leicester City’s fairytale journey to England’s Premier League title last year, it will empower clubs to spend more on the likes of player transfers and wages.


    The most recent time that occurred was in 2004 when Porto – subsequently trained by Jose Mourinho – overcome against Monaco in the Champions League final.
    The Champions League in particular routinely features the identical teams in the latter phases which critics say makes it predictable and boring. previously five years, Arsenal happen to be drawn against Bayern Munich four times while Barcelona and PSG have met three times in the last four seasons.
    While accessibility to the Champions League is a large earner for teams in mid sized European leagues this critical revenue stream appears that it’s about to become more difficult to gain.
    UEFA declared in August the top four teams from the top four leagues in the continent could be given 50% of the 32 positions in the Champions League group stages available.
    Which will leave the winners of the 50 other participant states of UEFA clambering about available for the other 16 spots.
    Ceferin has formerly said that he’ll “make sure that UEFA contests never become shut leagues or tournaments.”
    Nevertheless, a few of the biggest clubs in the continent have floated the notion of a breakaway Champions League or of bonded positions for large clubs like Real and Barcelona Madrid not or whether they qualify via their national leagues.
    A breakaway continental league featuring clubs from Scandinavian nations, Scotland, the Netherlands and Portugal continues to be mooted as a means of bridging the fiscal difference.

    Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/01/12/football/uefa-benchmarking-report/index.html

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