Tim Howard’s views on USA’s foreign-born players ‘dangerous’, says Jones

Jones, who was born in Germany, says: I feel its not if youre half American or total-American its what you’ve got in your heart

Jermaine Jones has told ESPN that Tim Howards opinions about national team players produced or brought up abroad were dangerous things and that playing for USA wasnt about being half-American or total-American.

Jones, who was born in Germany and has 67 caps for USA, spent half a season alongside Howard at the Colorado Rapids before signing for the LA Galaxy on Wednesday. He explained the topic of individuality and devotion proved to be a catchy one where you’ve got to be cautious what youre saying.

The 35-year old midfielder said: With all of the regard for Timmy, I think its not if youre total or American -American. Its more what you’ve got in here [ pat on his chest].

You also give everything for this state and should you go on the field, then of course occasionally theres a scenario where youre not playing great. But its normal. That thats what you must understand, and can occur to anybody.

In a interview with USA Today, Howard seemed to challenge the dedication of a few of the foreign players brought in by former trainer Jrgen Klinsmann, and said that just having American tradition doesnt mean you’re enthusiastic about playing for that state. It’d its defects while it turned out to be an excellent idea in theory.

Howard later backtracked and said he wasnt referring particularly to foreign born players. Because a few of our double nationals happen to be excellent its not exclusive to them, he explained. Jermaine Jones continues to be a stone for our national team. Hes been among the pulses. Fabian Johnson continues to be fantastic for people. No, that wasnt aimed particularly at any one man.

Klinsmann had called up quite a few players who were born or brought up including John Brooks, Fabian Johnson, Jones and Julian Green, outside the United States. Klinsmann was fired after a two losses in his initial two matches of World Cup qualifying, a 2-1 home defeat by Mexico and a 4-0 thumping in Costa Rica in November.

World Cup victor Abby Wambach is just another high profile football star to challenge the obligation of Jones and foreign men said he and were the primary goal when things make a mistake.

We lost the initial two matches and where everything bad happens, we say perhaps the German Americans will be the issue. However, as soon as we played with the World Cup, I scored. [John] Brooks and its: Oh, the German Americans are American boys.

We played with two bad games [in qualifying], yes. Thats a fact. Each of the criticism that comes from outside, thats great. Thats football. That way it must be.

However, you thats the complete team, and have to see the larger picture. Theres not a German-American as well as an American man. The complete team played with terrible thats the fact. To set it on this man or this man, I believe its not right.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/jan/19/jermaine-jones-tim-howard-usa-dangerous

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