‘Sports has changed attitudes’: Obama welcomes Chicago Cubs to White House

The president is a White Sox fan however he marked the Cubs World Series triumph with joy, observing occasionally delicate unity at his final White House function

Barack Obama has twice stood before a jubilant crowd and declared: They said this day would not come.

The first was following a caucus victory that will lead him to become Americas first black president in January 2008, in Iowa.

The second was on Monday when, at his last official White House gathering, he welcomed the Chicago Cubs baseball team, victor of the World Series for the very first time in 108 years.

The comparison was less slight than first appeared. Obama noted that he’s hosted more than 50 winning teams during his eight years in office from baseball, basketball, American football and soccer.

He’s consistently seemed to relish the break in the heavy weights of managing foreign policy and the market. They’ve generally been activities in appeal and soft power jovial affairs, as well as a tacit acknowledgement that more people see the Super Bowl than any presidential discussion.

In a period when democratic standards are under incredible pressure, sport stays complete in the societal fabric.

Obama talked in the East Room, that was packaged with numerous men and women, many wearing tops Cubs baseball caps and jackets.

When theres other things going on, it’s worth remembering, he explained, because occasionally folks wonder why have you been spending time? that throughout our history sports has had this power to bring us together even when the countrys broken up.

Traditions and perspectives have altered in methods appear subtle but got us think about ourselves and who we were. This is a party as well as a game however there’s a direct line between Jackie Robinson and me standing here.

Robinson broke the colour barrier in 1947 by becoming the very first black player in Major League Baseball, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Chicago Cubs win first World Series title since 1908

Together with the Cubs players and staff behind him, the president continued: I was within my home town of Chicago on Tuesday for my farewell address and I mentioned, Sometimes its not enough simply to alter laws, youve gotta shift hearts, and sports has a way occasionally of altering hearts in ways that politics or company doesnt.

Its simply an issue of us having the ability relax and to escape in the problems of our days, but occasionally in addition, it talks to something better

When you see this band of people of distinct colors and different foundations coming from distinct communities and neighbourhoods all throughout the united states and after that playing as one team and playing the best manner and observing each other and being joyous in that, that tells us a little something about what America is and what America can be.

It was so fitting to celebrate the Cubs in the White House a day subsequent to the anniversary of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jrs arrival, he explained.

By defeating the Cleveland Indians the Cubs won their very first World Series title. Within hours, the team was requested by Obama whenever they wished to see before his term finished. Cheers of Lets Go Cubbies! broke out when the team walked in.

Only four days before he packs his bags and moves from the White House to make way Obama lighthearted and even seemed at ease. There were quips in regards to the audacity of hope and yes, we can as he went into stand-up comedian mode.

While commending Cubs general manager Theo Epstein satirical turned in the expense of the Democratic National Committee.

Theo, as you understand, his task would be to quench droughts. Eighty six years in Boston when the Red Sox won the World Series in Chicago in 2004 108, he takes the reins of an organisation thats roaming in the wilds, they are delivered by him . Ive talked about being DNC chair to him.

There was applause and laughter.

But hes determined to stick to baseball.

The crowd comprised Obamas former chief of staff, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, and ex-leader strategist David Axelrod, who had been wearing a Make Chicago Great Again t shirt under his suit coat, and Cubs co-owner Todd Ricketts, a Trump assistant that will become his deputy secretary of business.

It was, needless to say, inclined that a team should be involved by Obamas good-bye . Less handily, the president supports the competing Chicago White Sox. His wife Michelle is a lifelong Cub.


A signed W flag is accepted by Obama a White Sox fan in the Cubs. Photo: Yuri Gripas/AFP/Getty Images

Obama said the first lady hadn’t come to just one occasion observing a tournament team in the White House. She told them the Cubs winning meant to her and shook hands using the players.

She recalls coming home from school, Obama said, and her dad will be watching the Cubs game as well as the bond as well as the family, the significance that the Cubs had for her in relation to joining together with her daddy, and why it meant so much to her.

I nearly choked up listening to it and it talked, I believe, to how folks feel relating to this organisation and its its more than simply sports, and generation after generation.

Obama additionally noticed that the last time the Cubs won the World Series, Teddy Roosevelt was president. Roosevelts portrait gazed down from the East Room wall.

Obama was offered a midnight forgiveness because of his allegiance to the White Sox by Epstein and welcomed him. First baseman Anthony Rizzo gave two 44 jerseys to the president name to them.

He was also given a 44 by the Cubs as well as a W flag signed by the team. Epstein said he expected when it’s made in Chicago, the flag would fly in the Obama Presidential Library.

Allow me to say first of all, Obama said adopting his internal Cub: Greatest swag Ive gotten as president.

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jan/16/obama-chicago-cubs-white-house-visit

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