Alex Ovechkin: ‘I’m neutral,’ says Russian hockey star

(CNN)Alex Ovechkin has an extremely diplomatic response when asked what it is like to be a Russian living in Washington at a time of escalating political tensions.

“I ‘ve a good relationship with Russians, and with Americans. Therefore I’m neutral,” the ice hockey star told CNN’s World Sport show.

    Ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration Friday, criticisms of the President elect’s alleged close relationship with Russia and its own leader Vladimir Putin have started to mount.
    Ovechkin, who is a vital player for the Washington Capitals for the last decade, said he is had no adverse reaction from the supporters of the NHL team.
    “They adore me and I adore them,” the 31-year old said.

    The Capitals captain became the 84th player 880th match. his to score 1,000 points in the NHL, in He could be the fourth Russia-created player to do this, as well as the 37th to reach it with exactly the same franchise.
    “Itis an excellent moment for me personally, plus it had been significant to reach that sort of landmark,” said Ovechkin, who had been the NHL’s No. 1 draft pick in 2004.
    Nevertheless, he’s seeking an elusive Stanley Cup – Washington often reaches the playoffs, and is on course to do this again this season, but has never won the title.
    “Anyone who plays in the NHL wishes to win the Stanley Cup,” he explained, “and I dreamed as well to be among them and lift the cup in Washington and bring it home to Moscow and celebrate with my friends and my parents.”

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