Golden Globes boost music streaming

(CNN)Sunday’s Golden Globes did not simply wake yak about the Oscars, it also got some folks grooving.

The rap group Migos received a shoutout from “Atlanta” star and creator Donald Glover after he won the award for the best actor in a TV comedy or musical.

    “Iwant to thank the Migos, not for being about the show, but also for making ‘Bad and Boujee,’” said Glover, who also raps under the name Infantile Gambino.
    Migos member Quavo had a cameo on “Atlanta,” which won the Globe for the best TV humor.
    The tune is a viral hit featuring Lil Uzi Vert and is No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 graph.

    Based on Billboard, the reference – for which the group thanked Glover on Twitter – raised the tune’s Spotify plays by 243% percentage.

    “I believe they are the Beatles of this generation and that I do not believe they get lots of admiration beyond Atlanta,” Glover allegedly said backstage after his triumph. “That tune [‘Bad and Boujee’] is simply fly. There is no better song to have sex to.”
    And that tune was not the only one
    Spotify said flows of the “La La Land” soundtrack rose by 400% after the awards show.
    That movie broke records in the Globes Sunday, sweeping all seven awards it had been nominated for, including authentic score for composer Justin Hurwitz and first tune for “City of Stars.”

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