Paintball victim had serious eye injury

Shopkeeper had serious eye injury after shot by paintball

The person that was shot by the paintball and now the suspect was nowhere to found. Paintball may be a cause of serious injury when you accidentally hit by the paintball bullet it may be the caused of your trauma. People should be aware that bringing paintball gun in the crowd was not a good example.

Suspect in the shooting incident was not identified by the people in the place where the shooting accident happen, some of the witnesses told the officials that there are car drove by the crowd and shot the shopkeeper with the paintball gun.

A Shopkeeper who says he went to help a paintball drive-by shooting victim fears the man may lose his sight in one eye.

The emergency services were called to Molyneux Road in Kensington at around 7pm on Saturday night by a member of the public reporting that a man had been injured.

Police said a paintball gun had been fired from a passing silver VW Golf at the man. The car then headed off toward Sheil Road.

Members of the public found a 22-year-old man laying on the pavement at the corner of Molyneux Road next to the old Molyneux pub, which is now boarded up.

The shop worker, who asked not to be named, said: “People came into the shop and said a man had been shot so my daughter and I went out to him. The victim was lying on the ground next to the pub. His face was covered in thick yellow paint and his left eye was a real mess.

“ He had suffered a really serious injury. My daughter and I got a bottle of water and a cloth to try and help him. He was not making any sound, just lying there.

“Fortunately a passing couple had already called the emergency services.

“The men who did it were in a VW. I think they it drove past for another look.”

A local mum told the ECHO that the men with the paintball gun had been inside a nearby shop on Molyneux Road prior to the shooting. Shopkeepers told the ECHO that police had asked for CCTV footage.

A police spokesman confirmed a 22-year old man suffered an injury to his eye and has been taken to hospital for treatment. Officers suspected the paint ball gun was fired from a silver coloured VW Golf, which headed toward Sheil Road after the incident.

The spokesman said: “Officers have attended at the scene and are now carrying out enquiries, including a review of CCTV opportunities.

An investigation into the full circumstances surrounding the incident is continuing.”

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